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Hijama Cups

Hijama Cups

A standard hijama set consists of a cup, scalpel-needle, napkin, gloves, gauze. As hijama set types, glass cupping set, cuppings cups sets consisting of 12, 24 glass mugs, have different numbers of glasses such as 2, 4 and 5, there are finger grip parts to ensure that the fingers hold well, their lengths and mouth widths vary, high quality They are the preferred cupping sets because they are made of glass, hygienic and durable. There are also silicone vacuum glass cupping sets. Cup cupping set, cupping sets consisting of different numbers of cups such as 6,12,50, and massage, cellulite, pain relief, negative pressure pump or cupping gun are all together. There are also types such as magnetic massage cup, bamboo massage cup and hijama set. Cup-drawing sets are generally hijama sets consisting of a 12-piece cup-drawing apparatus, that is, special sibo cups and 1 mug-drawing gun.

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