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Breast implant

Breast implant

Whether you are experiencing complications or have simply had a change of heart, explant surgery removal surgery offers a safe and effective way to remove your breast implants. Each woman’s reason for removing her implants is unique, and each case requires an equally unique approach. At my cosmetic surgery practice near Arlington Heights, I perform multiple breast implant removal techniques to accommodate as many different cases as possible. Choosing the right method for each person requires open communication, a trusting partnership with my patients, and an experienced eye for several contributing factors.

If you are considering breast implant removal, this blog post is for you. It covers a few of the most common approaches to the surgery and the unique benefits each of them offers.

Breast Implant Removal

Also called simple breast implant removal, this procedure uses an incision made in the scar tissue capsule to remove the implant while leaving the scar tissue capsule in place. Scar capsules typically break down or dissolve naturally over time without causing harm to the body. This procedure works best for those with thin scar capsules that the body can easily break down.


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